Unlike most lobbying firms in Washington, D.C., the partners of Advantage, as former members of Congress, have the privilege of physical access to the U.S. Capitol every day. Advantage has the privilege of working with current members individually and not with the congressional staff.  There is an old saying on the Hill "Want to team member always a member".

Advantage will arrange meetings with key government officials and key members of the U.S. Senate, both Republican and Democrat within the Leadership and Chairmans of Committees. 

Web Site Advertisement 

Congressional Staff members do play a key role. Over 15,000 congressional staff members visit the popular staff website  on a daily basis.  This is a very visible and popular site for advertising specific issues for Advantage clients.  Advantage will also utilize to promote the interests of Sri Lanka by placing advertisements on the website. The cost of these advertisements would be included in the overall fee paid to Advantage.


Broadcast Speeches on Television

Advantage can arrange for members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of representatives to give speeches on the floor of Congress on behalf of the client.

Typically, these speeches are broadcast worldwide on television and are published in the Congressional Record.